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Pre-sale Inspection

Home inspections are not only for home buyers, but also for property sellers, builders, real estate brokers, and agents. They also attain tranquility by investing in a certified home inspection, prior to putting a house up for sale.

Last-minute detection of issues by a prospective buyer can lead to the delay in selling the property as well as other added expenses that can hinder the deal completely.

Our recommendation is to get your property certification done with our home inspection services before you put the house on the market, and allow you to take care of the issues before it becomes a problem in negotiation.

Our pre-sale inspection services in Torbay give buyers the comfort of an unbiased 3rd party opinion. We work with you on the final report if there is anything you want to repair.

We provide copies of the report over an email that you can conveniently share with your buyers. This helps in reducing your liability with complete disclosure.

We have our pre-sale inspection services in Torbay, St. John’s, Paradise, Mount Pearl, Marystown.

Pre-sale Inspection at Affordable Price

Ignorance of issues that may look small at present can become a major problem in the future, that can be an expensive deal for you. Whereas, if you identify the problems at an early stage it may save your hard-earned money, and also your reputation with buyers. Identifying problems beforehand with our pre-sale inspections also prevents you from being conned.

We are very passionate about catering to our clients with excellent customer service, value for money, honest, unbiased, and thorough inspection. We provide the reports in a professional and timely manner to allow clients to make informed decisions, prior to selling the property.

We understand your monetary consideration, and hence, we have great deals to offer which can be easy on your pockets. If you want to get a free price estimate of our pre-sale inspection services, connect with our customer support team now, and they will help you with all the required details.

Our inspectors have over 20 years experience in inspections and construction. See our long list of certifications.
We ensure you get your desired time slot and our booking process is simple. Call us and book it now!
We ensure you get the reports delivered within 24 hrs so that you can make your home buying decisions as soon as possible.
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